THE GLOCAL MBA Full-time program

A global MBA with a local immersion

The full-time MBA is an intensive 3-month program designed for ambitious, adventurous young professionals who want both a cutting-edge business education and a transformational life experience. Our program takes place in 3 Southeast Asian locations—Bali (Indonesia), the Sapa Valley (Vietnam) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)—as we believe that slow traveling and fully immersing in different cultures, help to develop resilient and adaptable leaders. You’ll spend a month in each location, co-living with a diverse cohort and pursuing a condensed curriculum designed to include the most relevant Hard Business Skills and Soft Life Skills.

A balanced curriculum for a dynamic world

Hard Business Skills

This module introduces the fundamentals of macroeconomics and microeconomics. In macroeconomics you will learn how the global economy works. Key topics include technological change, international trade, exchange rates, interest rates, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, wage inequality, and unemployment. Microeconomics focuses on the principles of market equilibrium, pricing strategies, firm and consumer behaviour, game theory and competitive interactions.

This module covers the principles of an organization’s performance. Key topics include how to develop a sustainable competitive advantage, create value and define a product mix. You will also acquire the tools to analyze and define corporate growth strategy, long-term goals, competition and industries, digital strategy, externalities, globalization, future foresighting, disruption, and uncertainty.

This module explores the human aspect of a company. Key topics include: the individual’s behaviour within the firm, the culture and vision of the company, and how to align the organization and its people to meet and achieve these. You will also learn various performance management methodologies that can align employees with the company’s objectives, and new organizational trends such as agile, product-oriented, data-driven and liquid organizations.

This module is intended to not only teach the tools, frameworks and methodologies to identify unmet customer needs and launch a new business to meet them, but also how to use these within an existing company in order to optimize processes, launch new products, services and business models to innovate under uncertainty. Key topics include: customer development, design thinking, lean startup, and the business model canvas. You will also learn how to develop your ideas successfully through different project management approaches (experimental, predictive, iterative, incremental or adaptive).

This module covers the principles of accounting. You will learn the language of accounting and understand its concepts to communicate and allocate resources in an effective way. Accurate accounting information reflects the economic health of a company, so you will learn how to understand balance sheets, financial statements and reports in order to make organizational decisions and map future liquidity and profitability.

This module covers the fundamentals of corporate finance and capital markets. It focuses on the major financial decisions made by corporate managers both within the firm and in their relationships with investors. Key topics include: criteria for making investment decisions, valuation of financial assets and liabilities, risk analysis, and capital structure choice. You will also learn how to finance and value startups.

This module will help you understand how potential clients make decisions and what their needs are in order to create value for them, and consequently, create value for the firm. Key topics include: market research, segmentation, product development, pricing, positioning, branding, distribution, communication, and advertising. You will also learn the best digital and offline marketing strategies to create a unified and successful marketing plan. 

This module explores the different sales strategies that a company can use, how to implement an international commercialization plan, and how to manage the sales team. You will also learn several tools to optimize the sales process.

The main objective of this module is to give you the tools to understand how operations are best managed within both manufacturing and service firms. Key topics include process analysis and design, product development, operations strategy, supply chain management, and capacity planning.

This module teaches the basic analytical tools to make smart decisions based on data and statistics in order to manage uncertainty and get useful insights for the business. You will acquire the methods to collect, analyze, interpret, present and organize massive structured and unstructured data, and to create simulation and predictive models to face the data challenges of today.

This module focuses on big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain, cybersecurity and other technological trends, and how they affect the global business sphere. You will analyze trends in technology, open innovation and the startup ecosystem, platform business models, APIs strategy and disruptive innovations, and how these impact the current market and individual businesses that need to rapidly adapt in order to survive. You will also learn how to create a culture of innovation and continuous learning inside an organization.

Soft Life Skills

The long-term success of any organization lies in strong policies and governance. Leaders set the vision as well as the cultural and ethical standards of their organization. Corporate leadership requires effective navigation of challenging and complex situations on a daily basis. This module allows you to gain an understanding of business ethics and diversity of viewpoints. Through case studies, you will explore elements of good governance, practice applying ethical decision-making, as well as connect vision, values and ethics.

This module provides the opportunity to explore different leadership styles and strategies. Anchored in conscious leadership, the module combines a focus on self, facilitating an enhanced understanding of your vision, purpose and values, and building authentic connections with individuals and teams to enable alignment across your organization. This module has been designed to enable you to develop a global perspective, ensuring you can effectively navigate across different cultures and contexts. The concept of leadership is explored through a future-focused lens, prioritizing demands and skills of effective future leaders. 

This module brings together elements of leadership and management with a focus on high performing teams. You will learn about the characteristics of strong teams and what it takes to build them. Through exploring frameworks and case studies, you will gain knowledge and practical skills on how to facilitate a collaborative and open team culture, empower others, while effectively managing performance. A specific focus is placed on leading critical conversations and needs-based interventions. 

Emotional intelligence is increasingly seen as a critical quality for any leader. The ability to understand and manage your own emotions as well as those of your team is key to building a high-performance culture. This module is designed to provide you with a 360 perspective on all aspects of your leadership. Through enhancing self-awareness, you will learn strategies to apply empathy to build authentic and mutually supportive relationships. 
This module is designed to support you as a leader and manager by providing you with key coaching skills. Infusing your day to day work with coaching strategies will support you in building authentic relationships, driving performance, building capacity and fostering autonomy. You will explore and practice strategies to support you to build trust and rapport, set goals, track progress, as well as actively listen and ask the right questions. Throughout the module you will have opportunities to coach and be coached.
As we enter a time of great innovation, now more than ever a leader’s success relies on their ability not only to envision the future, but to bring their teams and organizations along with them. Exploration of change management theories and frameworks will provide you with the opportunity to understand key elements of the change process. Deep-diving into case-studies and real-life scenarios will enable you to apply learning and understand your role in effectively leading change from the top while also enabling change from the ground-up. 
Successful global leaders apply a variety of culturally appropriate communication techniques in different situations. This module is designed to enable you to deepen your awareness of your communication style and enhance your ability to connect with a wide range of audiences. The primary focus will be on developing your presentation, pitching and public speaking skills as well as hone your personal brand through storytelling. 

21st century leadership is complex and requires leaders to be adept in high level negotiations. This module will enable you to take your influencing skills to the next level by focusing on how to effectively strategize, position and persuade while building consensus through incorporating multiple perspectives and objectives. You will be challenged to engage in experiential activities, apply strategies and provide constructive and reciprocal peer feedback with peers.

As a leader, the ability to embed strong decision-making processes into your organization is essential for success and survival. This module provides you with strategies and tools to hone these skills. Through learning about different theories, frameworks and simulated activities you will gain insights into common decision-making biases and pitfalls. You will also have the opportunity to enhance awareness of your own approaches to decision-making. This module will also provide you with an understanding of how to leverage effective decision-making processes to build a strong organizational culture.

Today’s world brings with it immense challenges and opportunities. The ability to be agile, think differently, and see potential in every situation has never been more important. As leaders navigate changing realities, creativity is the key to ensuring organizations can adapt, reinvent and thrive in a volatile world. This module provides you with opportunities to leverage frameworks to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Through innovative brainstorming techniques you will explore different approaches to individual and collaborative problem-solving.

Leadership roles can leave many overwhelmed with the amount and variety of high-stake tasks. Effective time management is a critical skill for any leader. Through this module, you will explore strategies to enable you to distribute leadership, and delegate effectively to allow you to remain focused on the big picture and guide teams to achieve outcomes aligned to your organization’s vision and mission. Through exploration of strategies, tools and templates you will be equipped to overcome common pitfalls and adopt systems that work best for you.

Your program structure

Full time MBA Bali

Bali, Indonesia

  • week 1
  • week 2
  • week 3
  • week 4

135 hrs of program time

In Bali, Indonesia, you’ll slow down, rethink your future and explore your passions, while developing a mindful approach to leadership and soft skills.

Full time MBA Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam

  • week 5
  • week 6
  • week 7
  • week 8

135 hrs of program time

In the Sapa Valley, Vietnam, you’ll have your mindset challenged, learn empathy and gain confidence as you go way, way out of your comfort zone.

Full time MBA Kuala Lumpur

KL, Malaysia

  • week 9
  • week 10
  • week 11
  • week 12

135 hrs of program time

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a hub of high-tech, innovation and entrepreneurship, you’ll work hands-on with a local business to master management skills. 

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Highlights of your program

Full time MBA select cohort

Select cohort

You’ll spend your MBA with up to 30 smart and open-minded peers from around the world and build lifelong friendships. Their unique experiences and cultures will enhance your learning and challenge how you see the world.

Full time MBA Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia immersion

You’ll live and learn in 3 distinct, culturally rich locations: the meditative island of Bali in Indonesia, the rural mountains of the Sapa Valley in north Vietnam, and the glittering city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Full time MBA teachers

All-star teachers & speakers

Our world-class team of business experts and tech executives, entrepreneurs and innovators, wellness specialists and coaches, will share their insights and first-hand business experiences with you.

Full time MBA program directors

Program directors

Both online and on-site, you’ll have a skilled program director to guide you through your lessons, answer your questions and push you intellectually. This individualized attention will maximize your learning experience. 

Full time MBA hard business skills

Hard business skills

Through online master class videos, live Q&A sessions and educational materials (case studies, readings…) on our e-learning platform, you will learn business fundamentals from finance to strategy.

Full time MBA soft skills

Soft life skills

You’ll learn the critical soft skills that you need to lead, think, challenge, innovate, influence and communicate in this fast-changing world through in-person classes, workshops and study groups.

Full time MBA personal growth

Personal growth

Through 6 one-to-one coaching sessions, mindfulness and yoga, you will cultivate self-awareness, reflect and (re)discover yourself. As a graduate you can join our extension course to continue.

Full time MBA epic experiences

Epic experiences

You’ll face your fears and overcome your limits as you tackle exhilarating challenges.

Full time MBA companies

Field trip to local company

In the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, you’ll get up-close exposure to real business cases. By working hands-on in a local business, you’ll learn by doing and gain resolution strategies.

Full time MBA volunteering

Volunteering work

During your stay in Vietnam, you’ll teach English to villagers in Sapa to empower them and contribute to the development of their community, all while deepening your own empathy.

Full time MBA coliving and coworking

Co-living & co-working space

Enjoy co-living housing and co-working spaces where your classes will take place. In Vietnam you will also live 5 days with a family from the local tribe, who'll challenge the way you think about your daily lives.

Full time MBA global network

Global network of employers

Through our partner beWanted, a world-leading employment platform for young professionals, you’ll have access to their global network of employers including Amazon and Procter & Gamble. 

A high quality, fast-track MBA to change your life & your career

THE GLOCAL MBA is short enough to convince your employer for a leave of absence, but long enough to upskill every aspect of your professional and personal life while undergoing a total mindset shift. It provides a condensed, high quality, international business education adapted to a new generation of leaders.

The cost of THE GLOCAL MBA full-time program is €14,700.
It covers tuition, accomodation, internal flights and much more! 

THE GLOCAL MBA is also available in a part-time format. Check it out!

Are you ready to live a professional upgrade and a personal revolution?

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We’ll be kicking off in spring 2022.

April 2022 – July 2022*

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* Due to the global uncertainty caused by Covid-19, the start date of our course may be affected. But don't worry, if we have to change the date, you’ll be the first to know, and if you’re not available for the new date, you can cancel without compromise.

In case you were wondering…

The idea of slow travel, or fully immersing in a new culture, completely outside the boundaries of everything you know, is integral to the mission of THE GLOCAL MBA. We believe that by leaving your daily life far behind, you can open your mind in ways you never expected, to new ideas, new perspectives and a new mindset that will last a lifetime.

Where better to do that than Southeast Asia, a culturally rich region of contrasts, with lush landscapes and glittering cities, ancient temples and futuristic skyscrapers. THE GLOCAL MBA leverages all of this to give you the most unique, immersive business education available, in record time.

In addition to your MBA curriculum, full-time students will be immersed into the following cultures.

Bali, Indonesia: Synonymous with paradise—turquoise waters, emerald jungles, ancient temples, lotus flowers, infinite blue skies—Bali is famous for spiritual health and wellness, from yoga and meditation to traditional rituals and world-renowned gurus. During your stay, you’ll complement your business lessons with personal renewal. In Bali, you will slow down, reflect and (re)discover yourself while developing a mindful approach to leadership and soft skills.

The Sapa Valley, Vietnam: Tucked in the lush mountains of northwest Vietnam, the Sapa Valley is home to jade hills, dizzying peaks and ancient villages surrounded by rice paddies. You’ll live in the village of Ta Van among the Hmong people. During your month here, you’ll spend 5 days living with a local family, participating in their daily lives, eating with them and learning their culture. And you’ll give back, dedicating some of your time to teaching English to the villagers. You will also have many opportunities to explore the breathtaking landscape. In the Sapa Valley, expect to have your mindset challenged, to become more flexible and adaptable, to learn empathy and gain confidence as you go way, way out of your comfort zone.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The city of the future in Southeast Asia is a hub of high-tech, innovation, entrepreneurship and forward-thinking. Bridging the West with the East, KL brings together diverse cultures in a modern metropolis that never sleeps. Business is big and you will be a part of it. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll learn to innovate and lead by working hands-on in a local business.

Note: Only the full-time MBA takes place in all 3 locations; the part-time MBA only visits Bali.

The full-time MBA includes 405 hours of program time (7.5 hours per day) + 6 coaching sessions spread over 3 months and 3 locations—Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam (the Sapa Valley) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)—1 month in each. Program time includes online lectures, in-person classes, workshops and projects, study groups and a field trip to a local business. There are also daily wellness practices such as yoga and mindfulness; and at least once during your stay in each location an epic experience to overcome your boundaries. In a typical day, you may spend the morning in the co-working space completing an online course, have lunch with your cohort while discussing that morning’s case study, attend an afternoon workshop on leadership, have a one-to-one session with your coach, and finish with an evening group study session.

There is a lot to do and a lot to learn and the schedule is tight, so apart from your free time each day and on weekends, we have also planned some downtime. In both Bali and Kuala Lumpur the 4-week schedule is broken into 2 5-day weeks and 2 4-day weeks, allowing you ample free time to travel, explore the area, take side trips, do extreme sports, work on personal habits or projects and have fun. In Vietnam, because the Sapa Valley is so remote, you’ll attend the program 6 days a week for 3 weeks, and then have an entire week off to explore Vietnam. Click here to see the structure of the program in detail.

Your tuition payment covers the full MBA, all your classes, 6 one-to-one coaching sessions, practical workshops, epic experiences in Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, company visits, accommodation, and travel between each of the 3 locations. What’s not included are your flights to your starting location and from your ending location, your visas, travel and medical insurance, immunizations, and personal expenses such as food, beverages, mobile phone, laundry, etc. You also need to bring along your own laptop.

In Vietnam, all meals are included while you are living with the Hmong people. In Indonesia and Malaysia, only breakfast is included, but you’ll have shared kitchen facilities where you and your cohort can cook lunches, dinners and snacks.

Co-living is an integral part of THE GLOCAL MBA experience. Co-living not only lets you build incredible bonds with your cohort and really get to know them, but it also lets you practice collaboration, tolerance and open-mindedness—all critical soft skills for leadership.

In Southeast Asia, you will live with a cohort of up to 30 students—smart and open-minded young professionals from around the world. In Bali, Indonesia and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you will stay in a comfortable co-living space equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, private bedrooms and a shared communal kitchen.

In the Sapa Valley in Vietnam, you’ll spend 5 days living in the humble home of a local Hmong family. The rest of your time in Sapa will be spent in a communal house equipped with private bedrooms and a shared kitchen. Sapa is very rural and remote and that is reflected in the simple housing and facilities; don’t expect the typical comforts of the Western world. However, this unique cultural immersion is an integral part of the THE GLOCAL MBA experience; by putting you way out of your comfort zone, you’ll change your mindset and see the world in a new light.

Yes. THE GLOCAL MBA curriculum has been carefully designed. It is intense on purpose, focused on key business fundamentals complemented by comprehensive soft skills training with a healthy dose of immersive cultural experiences alongside your cohort in Southeast Asia.

Because our goal is to find the most motivated, bright, intellectually curious, high potential students from around the globe to join our business school, our only hard requirements are an undergraduate university degree (or equivalent) and a minimum of 2 years of professional work experience.

Beyond that, THE GLOCAL MBA’s application process screens for a comprehensive range of traits: intellectual and analytical capabilities; a belief in innovation, collaboration and new ways of thinking; honesty and authenticity; and willingness to embrace new challenges and to question old ways of doing things.

We are seeking people with untapped, possibly unconventional, but definitely undeniable leadership potential. By carefully screening each applicant for these intangible traits, THE GLOCAL MBA can create a dynamic, exciting and enriching community.

THE GLOCAL MBA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, physical disability, learning disability, or political affiliation. We seek the best students, no matter where they come from.

Accreditation requires a lot of regulation, bureaucracy and strictly defined study plans, all of which means limited flexibility—this is directly against the philosophy of THE GLOCAL MBA. Being un-accredited gives us the freedom to give you the most relevant, tailored and condensed business program possible. Every moment of the MBA is designed to give you exactly what you need to become a future leader, innovator or disruptor within a multinational company or in your own startup. We focus on giving you real, tangible growth, in both your skillset and your mindset—not making you memorize data, check boxes and jump through hoops. Instead of a very expensive diploma proving you can follow standardized rules, you’ll get a private certificate and the confidence to let you define the rules.

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