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Our goal is to give you an intense, cutting-edge academic experience that will upgrade your professional and personal skills, amplify your career and give you the tools to be a global leader and innovator.

Who better to help you do that than innovators and leaders who are references in their fields? Our all-star teachers and speakers include business leaders, tech executives and entrepreneurs who will share their insights, wisdom and first-hand experiences with you. And because growth demands challenge, they will also push you outside of your comfort zone, academically and personally, teaching you to think critically, make decisions confidently, and lead boldly.

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Our teachers are global leaders in their sectors—big tech, global corporations, entrepreneurship, venture capital and more. They are innovators and change-makers who are making a difference in the international business world, right now. They have taken time out of their busy schedules to share their expertise with you because, like the rest of THE GLOCAL School of Business, they want to help you become a leader who can thrive in the real world. They bring decades of diverse and disruptive experience to our classrooms.

The key differences that distinguish THE GLOCAL MBA include:

  • Small cohorts of up to 30 diverse students to maximize the learning experience.
  • The experience of co-living and co-learning in Southeast Asia in order to encourage disconnection, adaptability, critical thinking, openness and collaboration.
  • World-class teachers, coaches and speakers who have real-world experience in big tech, entrepreneurship, VC, wellness and more.
  • A curriculum that is balanced between hard business skills and soft life skills.
  • Short and intensive programming which allows us to constantly update our curriculum so that our students are fully prepared to thrive in VUCA environments.
  • Blended learning that combines online lectures, educational materials and opportunities for community-building with on-site classes, workshops and hands-on experiences alongside your cohort and program directors.
  • No exams to get in, no exams to get out, our program is driven by merit, personal growth and peer-evaluations.
  • 6 one-to-one coaching sessions that guide students in their personal and professional ambitions and the opportunity to continue with the sessions once the program is over through our extension course.
  • Field trips to local companies.
  • Volunteering work with local communities.
  • Wellness activities.
  • Epic experiences where students face their fears and overcome their boundaries.

We use a blended learning model that combines online masterclasses presented on video by world-class leaders (+ live Q&A sessions with them) and educational materials (case studies, readings, summaries, templates, pdfs, problem-solving exercises, quizzes, short essays…) for the Hard Business Skills Block with face-to-face classes and workshops for the Soft Life Skills Block.

The best learning happens when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and that is exactly what will happen every day in THE GLOCAL MBA. Both online and on-site, you will be encouraged to be hands-on and get involved by your program director who will guide you through your lessons, answer questions and push you intellectually. On-site, you’ll get fully engaged and active in epic experiences, group excursions and wellness activities.

Our focus on immersive, interactive, practical learning means that you will not have to pass any exams to graduate. We don’t believe in evaluating students with standardized exams based on memorization, which is an obsolete learning methodology not suited to today’s dynamic, changing reality. Rather than studying to pass an exam, you’ll focus on practical projects and learn from your program directors and coaches and from the constant feedback, support and ideas of your cohort—your smart, open-minded, diverse peers. Their unique experiences and cultures will enhance your learning and challenge the way you see the world. The two-way exchange of ideas will open your mind while giving you confidence to share your own viewpoints. Through practical team projects, you will put your new lessons into practice and build even closer bonds with each other. The result is that you’ll really absorb and retain your new knowledge for life (not merely memorize it in order to pass an exam).

Our academics are grounded in case studies, which let you experience the challenges and choices faced by business leaders in real-world situations. Driven by discussion and debate, the case-based methodology is rigorous. It demands critical thinking, active participation and the willingness to accept new perspectives. There is no right nor wrong answer as you learn to solve complex problems and make hard decisions. First introduced by Harvard Business School—and still the main methodology in the Harvard MBA—the case method is the best way to prepare you to become an effective, flexible, global leader.

If you do our full-time MBA, you will also have the chance to learn by doing with local startups and companies. Your local immersion goes even further in Vietnam where you will live with a family from the Hmong tribe in the Sapa Valley. Their lives are based on rice cultivation and hemp cloth production and for 5 days, so will yours. This unique social aspect of THE GLOCAL MBA will help you abandon your own way of life and see things in a totally new light.

The goal of THE GLOCAL School of Business is to offer fast learning while slow traveling for mindful leaders. Our business curriculum is demanding, high quality and designed to give you the fundamental hard business skills and soft life skills you need to become an effective, global leader in any business or career you choose. But to truly enrich your business education and turn it into a transformational life experience, we offer a range of epic experiences that take advantage of the local culture.

In Bali, Indonesia, both full-time and part-time MBA students, will have opportunities to explore the island’s natural beauty and wellness culture. You’ll experience personal renewal through yoga, meditation and epic experiences. In Bali, you will slow down, reflect and (re)discover yourself while developing a mindful approach to leadership and soft skills.

In the Sapa Valley tucked in the lush mountains of northwest Vietnam, you’ll immerse in the daily lives of the local Hmong people. You may find yourself knee deep in a rice paddy, weaving hemp fibers into fabric, or learning to cook a traditional dish over an open fire. You’ll also give back, dedicating some of your time to teaching English to the villagers. In the Sapa Valley, expect to have your mindset challenged, to become more flexible and adaptable, to learn empathy and gain confidence as you go way out of your comfort zone.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you will take a deep-dive into the business world of this high-tech city. A hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and forward-thinking, KL will give you the chance to visit business leaders and work with them to solve real business problems. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll learn to innovate and lead by working hands-on in a local business.

Note: Only the full-time MBA takes place in all 3 locations; the part-time MBA only visits Bali.

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